A logo is the cornerstone of the cornerstone. It is found on business cards, stationery, signs, stationery, T-shirts as well as advertisements and promotional materials of all kind. To put it simply, having a professional and memorable logo is quintessential to a successful marketing strategy for your business which is able to accurately reflect your company’s needs.

Logo Works considers it a mission to ensure that small businesses look great in their logo and other graphic design categories. This is an underpinning of the idea of inspiring and enabling businesses to emotionally connect to their customer base. Logo Works is owned by Hewlett-Packard as a result of its acquisition in May of last year.

Founded in 2001, Logo Works has over 100 employees and is based in American Fork, Utah. The company has over 40 in-house designers along with a number of freelance designers based round the globe. Over the years Logo Works has provided design services to subsidiaries of Disney, Sea World as well as Microsoft. In May 2007, the company was acquired by Hewlett-Packard and the acquisition was complete by the third-quarter of the fiscal year.

Logo Works hires the best in terms of designer experience available fro around the world. Many of its designers previously worked for leading advertising companies and hold degrees from prestigious design schools. As a customer, you can expect to work with multiple designers.

At the same time, Logo Works offers customers with speed and efficiency through the lean online process. This is only matched with the customer service you can expect to receive from the company.

The innovative design process at Logo Works makes sure that you are personally as involved in the process as you wish. Designers at the company fully know what it takes to design a quality logo. It is way more than just pretty artwork. Its design team works continuously and will go to great length to ensure that you have a professional logo design in your hands when all is said and done. A logo from Logo Works makes sure that it is completely in line with you, your company and your branding strategy.

URL: https://www.logoworks.com


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